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Confetti and Cake is an attractive and easy to use wedding planning software program that supplies a number of features for engaged couples. These include a handy reminder section, more than 100 reports that can be generated, and a "to do" list that automatically adds new tasks and their dates onto a countdown calendar.
This British program provides an informative tutorial, a detailed honeymoon preparation section and a day planner that lets you print that day's list of things to do not only for the bride and groom, but for other people including best man, maid of honour, photographer, etc.
Confetti and Cake also takes into account such wedding realities as noting the people who are bringing babies or children with them and whether guests might require vegetarian, vegan or other specialized meals.

Features Set

Its budget planning section shows the difference between the budgeted amount for an item or service and the actual cost. The program also alerts you to areas where you spent more than expected; displays how much has been paid to date; and shows how much is still owed. We especially liked how each time a new task and due date is entered into the "to do list," this information is automatically added to the countdown calendar. The program also includes reminders by date so couples do not forget to make a payment or neglect to show up for a key meeting or appointment. Reports can be generated for all reminders, or separated into reminders that need attention in a particular week up to four weeks into the future.
The "to do list" also includes subsections. For example, under the ceremony listing, a couple can add wedding vows they have chosen.
Confetti and Cake furnishes more than 100 reports that can be printed or exported to a PDF file that can be emailed. It has monthly and daily calendars.
We especially liked the section for vendors ("suppliers") that lets you link directly to a vendor's web site, send an email to that company or copy pertinent information to a clipboard in case you want to send a letter using a Word document. It also lets you directly connect to a Google map to pinpoint the vendor's location. In addition, this software lets you attach emails and documents.
Unlike many wedding planning software programs, Confetti and Cake does have a honeymoon preparation component that addresses whether a couple needs visas and vaccinations for travelling to another country, includes sections regarding foreign currency and travel insurance, and provides places to record airline flight or other travel data.

Ease of Use

Confetti and Cake is very user friendly, has an up-to-date interface and we encountered no problems with installation.


Confetti and Cake has a comprehensive tutorial, its email support is excellent, it has a FAQs section online. There is also a help button available at all times in the program.


Confetti and Cake is an easy to use and well-organized wedding planning software program that provides a host of features to help make that special day run smoothly. It is in general an outstanding planning tool that will ease the pressures on engaged couples getting ready for that big day.

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